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Bradley Jaden does Les Misérables emergency role swap

Yet another example of the tenacity of performers

Bradley Jaden and Bradley Jaden
© Johan Persson, Matt Murphy

Talk about versatility!

Bradley Jaden, currently Javert in the West End production of Les Misérables, today had to hop back into a former role to make sure the show went on.

Update: John Owen-Jones will be returning to appear in the show with no rehearsal this evening (22 December 2021). He said in a tweet: "Covid-19 has ravaged West End theatre the last few weeks with many shows forced to cancel. So tonight, although I've not sung the role for over a year and with no rehearsal… I shall be onstage at the Sondheim Theatre playing Jean Valjean in Les Misérables."

While Richard Carson, the first cover for Javert, was able to step into the iconic trench-coat and play the haunted inspector, no performer could fill the waistcoat of the missing Enjolras Jordan Shaw.

Jaden, as a result, took on the part and manned the barricade, having played student revolutionary Enjolras on a variety of occasions over the last decade. That said, tonight will be the first time Jaden tackles the new production, with fresh blocking and demands.

Cast members, be they leads, ensemble, covers, alternates or swings, have been doing incredible work over the last few weeks keeping lights on across the nation, while theatres cope with a surge in cases and missing cast members.

Les Misérables continues its run at the Sondheim Theatre, with tickets on sale below.

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