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Antonio Banderas and Stephen Schwartz working on new musical based on Picasso’s life

© Left: Dan Wooller, right: Pedro J Pacheco, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

First Georges Seurat, now Pablo Picasso!

A musical based on the life of the painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and theatre designer is being assembled, it has been revealed by Spanish publication ABC Cultura.

Antonio Banderas (Evita) is set to star and has helped to conceive the show, while Stephen Schwartz (Wicked) is penning tunes and lyrics while Gordon Greenberg (Working, Holiday Inn musical) is co-writing the book and directing. Composer and playwright Caridad Svich is also said to be involved. Scenes are set to be performed in English and Spanish.

Banderas previously played the famous and controversial painter in the 2018 Genius episode, while Picasso’s life is no stranger to the stage – most recently a show starring Peter Tate in the lead role ran at the Playground Theatre in 2017. Banderas had previously been set to play Banderas on stage in 33 Días, though that show never found its way in front of an audience.

The new musical is being co-produced with Trafalgar Entertainment, and according to press reports, sights are set on both London and Broadway productions. It is currently being developed by Teatro Soho CaixaBank in Málaga (Picasso’s birthplace), where Banderas is currently working on a new revival of Schwartz’s Godspell.

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