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Glasgow's Arches goes into administration

Chairman says removal of its nightclub licence makes venue’s business model ‘untenable’

The Arches in Glasgow has gone into administration, following last month's decision by the Glasgow Licensing Board to close its nightclub element.

According to a statement from the venue, "Without the income generated by this strand of activity, which generated over 50% of the companies' annual turnover, The Arches' business model is untenable."

The ruling of the Licensing Board came in the wake of the death last year of 17-year-old clubber Regane MacColl and a wave of drug and alcohol related incidents at the venue.

Gordon Kennedy, chairman of The Arches' board of directors, said the decision to call in administrators was taken with "deep regret" and will have "a major impact on our staff, business partners, customers, and on Glasgow's reputation for night time economy."

He added that the venue was "humbled" that 40,000 people signed a petition to re-instate the nightclub licence.

The Arches opened in 1991 and has established itself as a leading venue for theatre. Its productions have won multiple awards at the Edinburgh Fringe and elsewhere.

Artistic director Lucy Mason said: "The atmosphere and architecture of The Arches have helped to shape and define a generation of enquiring and vital artists. It's shocking that this building which has inspired such creativity, devotion and ambition, should cease to exist as an arts venue."

All events scheduled at the venue, which is situated under Glasgow Central station, are now cancelled.