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Pink Sinatra - Swing with a Twist

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Hill Street
6  - 30 August, 18.00

The Pink Sinatra or Scott Free, as he is known, sings great songs by the Chairman of The Board and others, including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis and Bobby Darrin. The twist is that Scotty is gay, wears a very loud pink suit and there is an occasional gender flip in a lyric and the odd mildly camp aside to the audience. This is definitely not Graham Norton meets the Rat Pack but a pleasant, crowd pleasing show you could take your granny to.

The patter and presentation is cheesier than a very ripe camembert but the man knows how to sing. The audience is gently cajoled into singing along to some numbers and high kicking to New York, New York. Participation is not required so don’t worry if you can’t find your inner Frank.
Free is an accomplished vocalist with an easy going style and a knack for making you feel most welcome at his entertaining hour long cabaret.


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