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Writer Tim Fountain Reflects on the Creation of Looser Women

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We've been rehearsing with twenty five dildos in a cupboard in a monastery in London. Though the monks claimed to be Christians they wouldn't let us use their kettle. One day we were locked out until the author wrestled with the verger and gained forced entry. Apart from that, we've been having a lovely time wading through the hundreds of hours of interviews with women from all over the country about their sex lives.

Some of what we've heard has even shocked me, and there've been times when the comedian Wendy Wason, who's six months pregnant, has had a fit of the vapours. However Karen Dunbar (being Scottish) has taken it in her stride and Rachel Parris has told us a few secrets of her own.

Meanwhile our valiant assistant Ralph has spent all week using the monastic Wifi to find pornographic images to support some of the stories the women have told us.  He's going to be our 'sexologist' in Edinburgh - going up and down the queue (we hope there will be a queue) and asking our audience what they get up to in the bedroom or the bathroom or the car park behind Lidl. If it comes off we are aiming to create a genuine live event in which anything can happen.  A night when the people of Edinburgh and our three comics get to share what they really think about everyone's favourite subject, sex.

The last time I took a show to Edinburgh, called Sex Addict, I had an injunction slapped on me, someone from the church of Scotland said I should be "burnt at the stake", and when the show came to London the Metropolitan Police threatened to prosecute me for undressing outside the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square. I'm hoping to have a much quieter time this year: cream teas in Jenners, gentle strolls up Arthur's seat, that kind of thing.  I may even take in the odd gallery, cos I love art, me.

Click here for more information on the show, and to share your sex stories with us!

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