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The banger-up-the-bum - Still offensive after a quarter of a century

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The Malcolm Hardee Documentary Preview at the Newsroom on Saturday attracted 21 people. Not bad for an event that is not listed in the Fringe Programme.

Interestingly, as one, 19 of them walked simultaneously out of the screening.

The cause appeared to be the sight of a naked Chris Lynam performing the Greatest Show on Legs' infamous 'banger-up-the-bum' routine in which a firework (preferably a three-stage Roman Candle) is inserted between the buttocks of the naked performer and lit (normally by the late Malcolm Hardee).

The apparently offensive routine was filmed at The Tunnel Palladium sometime between 1984-1988.

Who would have thought that a routine filmed around a quarter of a century ago could still cause offence... and they hadn't even got to footage Malcolm Hardee's various full-frontal escapades...

Malcolm's ashes will be turning happily in his urn.

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