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Usually if audience members bring vegetables to a show, it's a bad sign. They're probably intending to chuck them at the performers. However, today I was presented with a lovely bag of homegrown potatoes after the third performance of Can You Dig It? The potatoes in question had been grown in fine Scottish soil by a fellow allotment sister. It really cheered me up after a tough show. Tough in the sense that I was feeling somewhat below par having spent quite a lot of last night hunched over the toilet, vomiting.

To be clear, this was not alcohol-induced vomiting but some kind of bug or food poisoning. I was certainly not feeling very chipper but hopefully managed to conceal this from our lovely audience - and the reviewer in the back row. I need to be back on top form for tomorrow's show because we're completely sold out. Yey!

Another exciting thing is happening tomorrow. Dan and I are staging a cucumber trumpet-making workshop at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. We'll be teaching a dozen or so staff and volunteers from the Garden's Edible Gardening Project how to make a trumpet from a cucumber, pepper and carrot - just like the cucumber trumpet Dan plays in the show. You can learn to make one too by watching the simple video demonstration we have put together here.

I've been to see some more shows and this morning saw The Proceedings of That Night starring the marvellous Martin Miller and on at the Pleasance Courtyard. I was a bit worried by the poster, which looks very scary. I'm not normally a fan of scary theatre. However, this was just right - a little bit spooky, very funny, and brilliantly acted by Martin.

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