Show Choir! – The Musical

The students from the Royal Scottish Academy continue their innovative programming at the fringe with the very entertaining Show Choir! – The Musical. What we see is a only a truncated version of the full length show by Donald Gaverick and Mark McDaniels. However, it does really whet the appetite for a full scale production.

International pop phenomenon, The Symphonic Sensations rise to fame is charted in a TV documentary, ‘Beyond the Facade‘. Glee meets Christopher Guest.

In a fast moving production by Jemima Levick, a talented cast play a wide range of true to life characters. They belt out a witty and tuneful score (musical director, Michael Webborn) and deliver some great laughs.

The show, despite the sequins and jazz hands, isn’t high camp. It actually has a  touching innocence and the authors and the cast resist the urge to go over the top. Well, maybe just here and there in the fun dance numbers by Alisa Keough.

It is a little frustrating seeing only part of the story but it can only be a good thing that you leave wanting to know and above all hear much more of this hugely enjoyable show.