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A few of my favourite Edinburgh things: Shazia Mirza

The comedian and columnist on her love of fish and chips, leaky caves and Alan Carr

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Shazia Mirza has returned to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time since 2011 with a brand new show, Bulletproof, that takes on the important things in life - family, friends, politics, love, the Nigerian Finance Minister and most of all words.

Here we find out a few of her favourite Edinburgh things...

1. Venue to perform/work in?

My favourite venue was a shed in the Pleasance Courtyard that I played for a few years. When it rained the rain came in, and soaked everyone, when you shut the door, it was like the shed was going to fall down. Once whilst on stage someone walked in and thought it was a toilet. It was the most unassuming, un-comedy venue.

2. Venue to see something in?

The old Assembly Rooms; it's clean, nice and has big chandeliers which makes a change when you've been sitting in a leaking cave for eight hours.

3. Act that you see every year?'

I like to see John Cooper Clarke whenever he is up there. It's always exciting. It's like watching Ronnie Wood doing poetry.

4. Place to eat?

The Tailend. You can't be in Scotland and not have something fried, and while I'm here I try not to have fish and chips everyday but I do have it about five times in three weeks.

5. Place to drink?

Under The Stairs. It's dark dingy and old. It's like going back in time and I feel like I'm really in Edinburgh whilst I'm here.

6. Place to hang out?

I always end up in some cave somewhere and then eventually everything and everyone looks the same to me.

7. Memory of the Fringe?

Going to bed when it's light and getting up when it's dark.

8. Show that you've seen at the Fringe?

Alan Carr at the Assembly Rooms in 2005. It was a right laugh.

Shazia Mirza - Bulletproof is at the Assembly Rooms until 24 August