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Potted Panto's Jeff On A Well Behaved Edinburgh

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So, we are now entering the final week of the Festival for this year, and Edinburgh is taking its toll. Everyone is slowly morphing. We are all looking less and less like our own flyers indicate. Ahh, those fresh-faced photographs, taken all those weeks ago, when we still had some vegetables in our systems.

The Edinburgh lifestyle effects every participant in different ways, but rest assured, it definitely effects us all! Dan, my 'Potted partner', as it were, comes into his own. His body clock instantly adjusts into that of a mouse, and he spends his nights scurrying from place to place, mingling and raising a glass of milk with all the other nocturnal creatures. What with this scurrying around, a fast-paced show to perform every afternoon, and a habit of forgetting mealtimes, he becomes slimmer and fitter.

I, on the other hand, tend not to slip so easily into the Edinburgh time-zone, and I evolve more into a sloth, spending my evenings sloping from courtyard to dome to takeaway to bed. Usually by 11.00pm. Always by midnight. Although I perform the same fast paced show as Dan each day, I compensate by ALWAYS remembering mealtimes, sometimes too often, and thus accompany my tea drinking with that renowned Edinburgh diet of haggis, burgers, haggis, pizza, haggis, chips and haggis. Therefore, I become fatter, spottier and quite possibly smellier.

So, as much as I adore the Festival, now the final week is upon us, I find I am looking forward to heading back to London, as I've started craving things I never thought I would, such as salad, tennis, fruit juices and jogging. And that just isn't healthy.


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