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My Second Day in the City of Edinburgh

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Hi again! Welcome to my second day in the city of Edinburgh. Such a beautiful town. It's almost a shame we're all so busy - I'd love to spend more time exploring the city centre and the surrounding area. With a stunning mixture of very old and strikingly modern, it's certainly somewhere I'd recommend anyone and everyone to visit at least once in their lives (and festival season would definitely be my recommended time!)

After a mid-afternoon arrival yesterday and a brief meeting, the company all went out for a lovely meal then most of us headed back to our shared flat for a good night's sleep.

By the way, Edinburgh tip for performers #1: there are so many great places to eat in the city that it's quite alarming if you're on a tight budget. I'm learning that as hard as it may seem, I'm going to have to drag myself away from the many fantastic bars, cafes and restaurants and into the supermarket for some discount meals!

A fairly groggy 5am start for the Secret Window section of the Lincoln Company - our technical rehearsal at C soco started early - and on leaving at 11am, our work had really only just begun. A few props had gone missing in transit, so a five hour quest for replacements ensued.

Luckily, with the sheer size of the city and the variety of shops, our items were not far out of reached and eventually, weary but very fulfilled by our little adventure, we returned to the flat to relax and cook a delicious group dinner of pasta bolognese!

Please keep following - I can't believe it's only our second day here! A great deal of excitement is sure to follow.


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