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Morgan & West: Signing Off

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So here we are, the end of the Fringe (for us anyway). The final day could not have been better for me - a leisurely breakfast, chat with street performers, lunch with a friend, a show (Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones; it brought be to tears and I was a gibbering wreck for half an hour afterwards!), our show with a great crowd, drinks with friends and then front row at the Axis of Awesome and Friends Sing Songs... and Friends! featuring Abandoman, Stephen K Amos and Tim Minchin. Amazing.

Now we've cleaned up our flat, packed all magical apparatus away and are waiting to start the drive back south. We're both relieved and very sad to be going. We've made many great new friends here and found old friendships formed in previous years too, I'm looking forward to trying to make good on my promises of visits and regular contact. I'll do my best. Promise.

To round off we thought we'd open up the old Morgan & West Fact-o-tron. We don't actually have one, we've just been discussing it for a few days.  This seems a rather cold way to sum up an amazing festival but anything more eloquent and in depth would be a small dissertation.

26 shows
1541 Audience members
19 unsold tickets
6 four star reviews
208 audience volunteers
52 balloon models mercilessly popped
19 late night cabarets
17 packs of biscuits given away
33,500 flyers given out
2080 needles swallowed
40 meters of thread swallowed
900 posters put up
7 other magic shows seen
10 non-magic shows seen
72 boots meal deals consumed
160 cups of tea drunk

That is just a bit of our Edinburgh Fringe this year. We had a great time, sold out almost every day and had a great time working with everyone at the Gilded Balloon again. Hopefully we'll see you all next year.

Pip pip.

Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians, Gilded Balloon, 15:45, 4th - 29th Aug
Twitter:   @WestMagic   @MorganMagic

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