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Morgan & West: Shows Still Not Seen

Morning all. Apologies that this one has taken a while to come out, we've been running around like the proverbial recently and have only just had the chance to sit down. With the Fringe drawing to a close and all of our late night cabarets finished, our thoughts turned to the shows that we will probably never get to see. Being different people with different tastes we thought we'd write this one separately.

So, Mr. Morgan up first. I've seen three shows that aren't magic shows and three shows that are. That's not many really, but on the other hand I've been involved with around nineteen shows that aren't ours so that counts as seeing other things. I've booked to see Axis of Awesome tonight as we've got to know the guys over the last month and apart from being great performers they're also really great people. One of the highlights of the Festival for me will always be doing 'silent karaoke' on stage at Axis of Awesome and Friends in front of a room full of people making an idiot out of myself!

Shows I'm probably going to miss but would love to see:
  1. Tom Binns as Ian D. Montfort. A friend directed this and everyone who has seen it says it's great.
  2. Joe Power. Just to laugh really.
  3. Boy With Tape On His Face. By all accounts the pick of the fringe but I've left it too late to get tickets...
  4. 3 Gaga Heads. These guys work their tails off. They've been at almost every cabaret we've been at and are great fun.
  5. An Evening With Dementia. This one just intrigues me.
  6. Your Days Are Numbered. Recommended by a friend, probably won't have time.
Shows Mr West is probably not going to make, but wishes he could:
1. Abandoman - Pick 'n' Mix Tape. I played some improv piano for the vastly talented Rob Broderick a few years back, and apparently this is just brilliant.
2. Tripod vs the Dragon - We saw these guys when we were doing the Axis of Awesome cabaret, and they were really funny. Also, deep down we're geeks.
3. Bec Hill - We love Bec, both as a person and a comic, and apparently her show is amazing this year. If only she'd stop doing it at the same time as ours.
4. Soap - I love the circus arts, and this is supposed to be amazing.
5. Robbie Wakes - This show, sadly, has ended. From what I hear it was beautiful, moving puppetry and story-telling.
6. Ernest and the Pale Moon - There's nothing like a bit of scary theatre, and this is supposed to be really frightening.

All the best

Rhys & Rob

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- by Morgan and West


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