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Morgan & West: How to Make Magic on the Mile

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Good morning everyone! We're taking a rather leisurely approach to the day as it's the last chance for a rest we get before the madness of the Fringe gets going in full swing tomorrow. Today will involve rehearsing, shopping and drinking tea. Lots of tea.

As we're not doing anything particularly interesting we thought we'd give you our top five tips on how to fool your friends into thinking that you're made of magic on the Mile. Here goes!

1. Starbucks cups. When it's busy Starbucks write the names of customers on take away cups, hence with a bit of eagle-eye action you can pretend you know complete strangers by name.

2. Automatic doors. It's a golden oldie and doesn't really work for anyone over the age of eight but practise hard and you to can look like a Jedi.

3. Sense of smell. Should someone ask you for directions to a venue, enquire as to whom they are going to see, sniff the air theatrically to pick out the intended destination and then provide directions.

4. Traffic lights (silent variety). Claim you know when they'll go green to cross without looking. Surreptitiously feel your way to the bottom of the signal box where you'll find (for want of a better description) a twizzly bit. This turns when the little man goes green. Ergo no need to look.

5. This one takes a bit of preparation and dedication. Every flyerer on the Mile has a standard opening line. With a bit of careful research and memory work, soon you'll be able to predict what people are about to say to you and your friends with relative ease!

Of course, all of these will seem like silly parlour tricks unless you have fantastic facial hair and matching top hats.

Until next time!

Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians, Gilded Balloon, 15:45, 4th - 29th Aug
Twitter:   @WestMagic   @MorganMagic

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