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George Lewkowicz On ... His Top Five Spoken Word Shows At The Fringe

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Self-described writer, composer, performer and fool George Lewkowicz is bringing his show {Superbard and The Sexy Quantum Stories::16882} to the Fringe this year. Bringing a multimedia twist to his show, from Kafka to YouTube, Superbard is a spoken word show, but not as you know it. Here Lewkowicz recommends some of the other spoken word shows at the festival.

Spoken word is that wonderfully awkward genre that sits in between theatre and comedy, sometimes poetry, sometimes storytelling, sometimes just someone talking words that aren’t quite theatre or comedy. One day we’ll get our own subsection in the Fringe Brochure, and from there we’ll take over the world, but for now we’ll just be happy with being some of the most interesting and entertaining shows the Fringe has to offer.

Here are five of the shows I’m most looking forward to:

1. Tim Clare: How To Be A Leader
It feels a bit like cheating recommending a show that’s already won the Brighton Fringe Best Show Award, but Tim is an awe-inspiring performer. In this show he takes over the room with a clever stand- up / multimedia lecture style and a water pistol.

2. Harry Baker's Super-Amazing Mega-Awesome Gap Year Adventures: Birth of Champion
A lot of the best spoken word shows are part of PBH’s free fringe, either at the Royal Oak or the Banshee Labyrinth. Harry is 19, and a European Champion Slam poet. His simple and sweet rhymes are guaranteed to charm. And he’s free. If you need anymore persuading then check out this video of his poem ’59.3. Poetry Hitch
Catherine Brogan is a miniature giant of the spoken word scene, one of those genuinely lovely people who also write some excellent poetry. This all comes through in her hitchiker’s guife to poetry, squatting, internet dating and Northern Ireland. She’s also bringing in some of the best poets to battle against each other to have their home town crowned the best in the UK.4. Hammer and Tongue Open Poetry Slam
The third selection of the free poetry shows up with PBH’s free fringe. Hammer & Tongue consistently produce the best slam poetry nights around, and watching poets battle it out is guaranteed entertainment. Different show every night so you can keep coming back. And yes, again, it’s free.5. Flea Circus
Off the Fringe brochure there are loads of late night shows where the real Edinburgh happens. OK, strictly not a spoken word show, every Saturday at midnight Flea Circus is taking over the CiP bar at midnight to bring you the best of the Fringe be that comedy, theatre, music or spoken word. Think drunk poets and comedians doing their slightly dirtier and more dangerous material, and then coming off the mic and joining the party. Did I mention it was free? It’s free.

Oh, and you should probably come and see me, as I dole out my darkest whimsy to a multimedia backdrop of video and thumping beats. Well thumping beats in a quantum, indie, storytelling music sort of way.

Superbard and The Sexy Quantum Stories runs from the 3-29 August (not 15) at 17.35 at C Venues - C Soco.


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