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Five Reasons to See ... The Wrong Crowd's The Girl With the Iron Claws

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The Girl With the Iron Claws is a retelling of a powerful Nordic myth in which a girl falls in love with a bear. A story about following your longing, The Wrong Crowd bring puppetry and music into their production.

1) It’ll make you want to retrain as a puppeteer
A crazed Troll Queen. A man that’s been turned into a white bear. These are just a few of the puppets marauding through our show, alongside the actors, from big ones operated by three people, to inventive shadow puppetry.

2) If you love a good story, you’ll love this.
Myths and fairytales have been crafted over centuries to get under your skin and into your dreams. The Nordic myth at the heart of this show certainly does that, which is why we wanted to tell it. It’s a bit like Beauty and the Beast, but much wilder.

3) You’ll see whole worlds on a tiny stage.
We’ve only got a few metres square, but kingdoms, forests, castles and a mountain made of glass are created in that space. Night turns to day and day to night – all you need to bring along is your fertile imagination.

4) Ever seen someone making music out of horseshoes?
There’s plenty of music in this show, but as the characters making it are a blacksmith and his workshop, they play whatever they can find. Fortunately they have good singing voices to go along with it and plenty of ingenious ways of making instruments out of anvils and bellows.

5) You get to watch the actors run around like wild things, while you sit back and enjoy.
Four actors, twelve characters. There’s nothing quite like the dexterity of actors to remind you of the wonder of live performance. This is a little piece of magic in the making. We just need you to provide the final ingredient: the audience.

The Girl With the Iron Claws is on at 13.35 at Underbelly Cowgate from 4- 28 August.


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