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Five Reasons to See ...The Prodigals

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The Prodigals follows the lives of two brothers and their contrasting career choices; one becomes a singer-songwriter and the other a soldier. The play shows their relationships becoming more complicated, as the siblings face the effects of their choices on others, most importantly their father. Here's why songwriter Ray Goudie thinks you should come and see the show.

1) It’s very fresh!

Audiences will be surprised at how well the current pop sounds from the UK fit with an amazing roller coaster story of raw emotions.

2) The Prodigals will take your senses to overload. From lycra clad dancers to uniformed soldiers in Afghanistan, the authenticity of being in today’s army with the reality and contrast of a drug fuelled pop band is stunning.

3) The choreography will leave you breathless and the songs from beginning to end are filled with memorable melodies. The cast, including Lucie Jones and Aaron Sidwell, have an exuberance and enthusiasm that shines out from every scene.

4) The story of the prodigal son will resonate with many fathers and sons. This brilliant story is still as relevant today as when it was written. It grips you from the opening scene where one son insults his dad and leaves, while the other son tries to win his dad’s love by following all the rules. It never lets up and you will find yourself identifying with so many of the two son’s and fathers reactions.

5) The sad and very recent passing of Amy Winehouse is a constant reminder of how addiction can cause so much heartache. In The Prodigals we see almost a mirror image of what happened to Amy and many other who have been ravaged by drug addiction. This story will have you in tears but will also make you laugh out loud. It really is an emotional roller coaster.

The Prodigals run from the 3-29 August (excl 4) at 17.00 at the Gilded Balloon Teviot.


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