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Five Reasons to See ... Gavin Robertson's 2010 - A Space Oddity

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Gavin Robertson, writer-performer in 2010-A Space Oddity, brings a mad hour dash through space film highlights filled with exciting music in a specially staged production at the Zoo, Aviary, at this year’s Fringe Festival. Here are his further instructions as to why you should see this show.

1. Every Space Movie you’ve ever seen - in an hour and a bit!

The first reason is it’s silly, but well-constructed and full of clichés. In the Edinburgh pile-up that IS ‘a show’ you need a safety belt. We’re the safety belt! One that tickles.

2. It has great music

We took a leaf out of the soundtrack from 2001 and used a lot of classical tracks for our stage version. But when you’re watching a cheese grater moving towards an egg-whisk to Shostakovich it’s not very serious! All OUR spaceships are kitchen utensils!

3. Previous Successes for Robertson

Thirdly, I did the same thing with Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and it went to the West End as well as Japan, and Ray Harryhausen’s stop frame animation in Clash Of The Titans and every Western you’ve seen in Spittoon, so by now, I should really know what I’m doing.

4. Live Dalek Impressions

Fourth reason, I, and fellow performer Jonathan Bex get to do our Dalek impressions live onstage in front of an audience. Worth the ticket price alone!

5. Worth a Ticket

Finally – last time I was in Edinburgh I was in the cast of Cuckoo’s Nest with Christian Slater et al, and it was tense, delayed and a near-disaster before we opened. This is silly and fun, and I get to wear a spacesuit. If pity makes you buy a ticket I’ll use it!

Gavin Robertson’s 2010-A Space Oddity is at the Zoo, Aviary, 6-30 August at 12:30.


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