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Five Reasons to See ... All the King's Men - Putting It Together Again

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All the King's Men bring award-winning acapella to the Fringe. After a US tour, the King's College London men are back in the UK with their show Putting It Together Again. Here's why they think you should come and enjoy their buttery chords.

1. You'll love our fantastic singing and fresh, funky arrangements.
All the King's Men is a group of very talented young men, and at the heart of everything we do is our rich blend of vocal styles. We've pulled together vocalists from a diverse pool, including pop, rock, barbershop, opera, folk and musical theatre. Performing together for around 2 years across the UK, Europe and the USA, as a group we have found a unique synergy, building and crystallising a sound that is as distinctive as it is refined.

2. You'll laugh at our witty reworking of popular songs, recent chart hits, and old favourites.
We're always trying our best to surprise audiences and we strive to bring something new to the table every time we strike up a chord. Taking on a challenging, wide range of songs, we always take care to make sure fun is at the centre of our performance. At a time when so much modern popular music can often sound tired and hackneyed, our original arrangements are a musical breath of fresh air, which can't help but delight the ears.

3. You'll cry at our shameless attempts to pull off maddeningly complex choreography.
After one of the shows we put on as part of our USA Tour in February 2011, a breathless audience member came over to us and said “Wow! You guys are like a street dance crew as well as an a cappella group!” We can't quite be sure whether or not he was joking. There's no doubt that our performance style is highly athletic, featuring firework-like dance moves that always entertain. What we may lack in grace, we make up for with enthusiasm!

4. You'll be able to boast for decades about seeing us “before we were famous”.
We're acutely aware that it can only be a matter of time before the call from Graham Norton's office comes through, asking us to join him on his chat show sofa to talk inanely about the pressures of fame, money and success. Do yourself a favour and come and see us before we get famous, so you can brag about it to your friends every time we (inevitably) come up in conversation. We're available after every performance to autograph pictures, posters, body parts, children and family pets.

5. You’ll enjoy awarding winning a cappella from one of the best groups in the UK.
Don't take our word for it – alongside top reviews from publications on both sides of the Atlantic, we've won accolades including the Voice Festival UK 2011 “Best Performance” Award, and we've built a reputation as one of the most exciting a cappella groups around today. If you're looking for high quality entertainment at this year's Fringe, look no further.

All the King's Men - Putting It Together Again is on at the theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall from 15-27 August (excl 22) at 15.10.


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