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Edinburgh Moment: I’d Do Anything to Get an Audience

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I thought about offering myself up for sex, but as the show is called Gemma Goggin: Get Laid or Die Trying, you might consider that to be more closely allied with personal gain than self-sacrifice. Not that there’s anything wrong with either.

I’d quite like my naked image projected on to the Castle in a Gail Porter-type publicity stunt, but I’m not sure my mother would ever forgive me. She’s Catholic, believes one should dress conservatively, and is an architecture geek. So it would be an insult on a number of levels.

Then there is the standard Royal Mile publicity stunt, which I think in my case would involve walking out with my blow-up dolls - but they are a little shy.

I did also think about approaching Durex and asking them to sponsor the show so that we could hand out condoms to the audience, but it seemed like a rather unlikely tale – “Hi. I’m doing a show about sex and I wondered if you could give me a year’s supply of condoms free of charge?” Also, you are then faced with the depressing prospect of having many more condoms than you could ever hope to use up. And whilst I’m all for a challenge, that might be one barrier I just can’t breach.

Gemma Goggin will perform her show Gemma Goggin: Get Laid or Die Trying at Gilded Balloon from 4 to 31 August at 13.30.


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