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Barbershopera's Lara Stubbs On Getting Ready for Edinburgh

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It is the evening before the cast head up to Edinburgh and I have just finished packing my suitcase – it is huge and must contain everything I might need for the next month!! God knows how I am going to get it down the three flights of stairs from my flat!!

We previewed our new show Barbershopera; Apocalypse No! in London last week which was a great relief as we had been juggling rehearsals for the new show with touring Barbershopera; The Barber of Shavingham. Our previews therefore marked the end of the tour, meaning that our sole focus can now be the new show. Previews also serve as an invaluable opportunity to get feedback from audience members as it was the first time anyone outside of the rehearsal room had watched the show in its entirety. Following a notes session on Friday morning, we will now work on cuts and small blocking re-workings in preparation for the Edinburgh run.

On the train tomorrow I plan to start sifting through the telephone directory sized brochure for the festival and will start to compile a list of things I want to see. I will look out for my favourite companies, shows with friends in and anything else that might tickle my fancy. A huge amount of what I see generally goes on word of mouth when I’m up there, as is the case for most people I think.

Every year I really look forward to the Festival and all of the exiting talent and variety that flocks there in August. It has a rare charm and an incredible buzz that I love to soak up and be part of.


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