The Addams Family (Edinburgh Fringe)

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland deliver a finely-tuned production of the Broadway musical

The short-lived Broadway musical The Addams Family makes its UK debut at this year's Fringe. Opening to mediocre reviews in New York, the future didn't seem all that promising but, once again, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland have picked just the right production for their Edinburgh musical and deliver it with fine professionalism.

Following the Addams family as they prepare to meet the family of their daughters fiancé, we see how two different worlds collide.

Lead by Moritica and Gomez, each character is finely tuned to deliver their respective songs. The comedy is delivered with precision, allowing this musical comedy to garner the laughter it so deserves. And the faultless performances cement the reputation that this company so rightly maintains.

The famous Addams house is the location for most scenes and the set does not disappoint. The interchangeable set pieces allow the cast to move around the house with ease and transport the audience along with them. This, coupled with some incredible costumes, make it feel as if you're watching a full scale West End or Broadway musical.

Low budget this is not but if you're after something professional and polished then The Addams Family is simply a must see at this year's festival.

The Addams Family runs at The Assembly Rooms until August 25