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West Yorkshire Playhouse launches return of Transform season

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Transform ’12 will spread throughout the West Yorkshire Playhouse over two weekends this April, revealing parts of the building ‘you’ve never seen before’. At this launch event there is a genuine sense of anticipation and unpredictability surrounding the project, and it is as if the theatre itself feels excited.

Featuring Chris Goode and Company, Belarus Free Theatre, Look Left Look Right, RashDash, The Paper Birds, Curious Directive and Uninvited Guests, the festival also offers music, a feast and a cabaret, all in a relaxed atmosphere, that puts not only the audience but also the performers at their ease, thus providing a perfect nurturing ground for creativity.

One feels privileged to enter the ‘catacombs’ of the theatre, an intimate space in the heart of the city, and all involved seem determined that you enjoy the experience. This type of festival will surely attract younger people to regard theatre as vibrant and relevant, and the warm, informal atmosphere makes it feel like you’re at a friend’s party rather than at a theatre.

This type of project is a welcome innovation in theatre, opening up the building, and fostering the performers of the future, so why not dive in, and enjoy?!


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