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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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This modern adaptation of the Euripdes’ Medea is a co-production between Contact and Passion Productions set in a Council Estate in South Manchester rather than Ancient Corinth. 

Medea (Danielle Henry) is an embittered woman struggling to bring up two children after her husband Jason (Drew Carter-Cain) has left for Glauke, the Kings’ daughter.  Consumed with rage and having lost all sense of reason and rationale, Medea plots a revenge so drastic it is almost unthinkable.  No amount of reasoning by Nana (Margaret Henshaw) or Manny (Niven Ganner) will dissuade her from this course of action. 

This lustful relationship between Jason and Medea is fraught with political complications, regret and passion which is eventually what destroys it beyond repair.  The interaction between Henry and Carter-Cain is strong and very believable.  The atmosphere is intense and at times you could hear a pin drop as the audience were held in rapture, awaiting the outcome of Medea’s terrible actions.

The minimalist set and good lighting (Jane Barrek) serve to further enhance the experience and build the tension to breaking point.

This production is enthralling and a pleasure to watch as it serves as a reminder that times may change but the struggle between men and women in relationships and the heartbreak which an occur as a result of the end of a partnership is a story as prevalent today as it was in Ancient Corinth.  

- Ruth Lovett


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