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Smile relies on senses at Lowry

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A new show promises to awaken the sense literally, when it arrives at the Lowry, direct from Belgium, Ontroerend Goed offer a unique theatrical experience that has astounded audiences all over the world.

From this Friday 19 June, The Smile Off Your Face will resolutely offer audiences a totally different viewing experience.

Most theatre relies on sight, but Smile is not about viewing. The audience enters individually at ten minute intervals, blindfolded, strapped to a wheelchair and subjected to a series of extraordinary sensory experiences. There is no stage, no public and no fixed spot in the lights where actors perform. Everything happens inside their head, and yet it doesn't. The show is an intense and intimate experience at the point where performance art meets theatre. Everyone will have their own individual response – but leave feeling ultimately exhilarated, promise the promoters.

The Smile Off Your Face has been performed at various festivals and locations all over the world including Europe, Morocco and Australia. It won two awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival including the Fringe First in 2007.  

It runs at the Lowry on Sat 20 and Sun 21 June. For further details, visit the Lowry website.


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