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Kevin Edward Turner On ... Company Chameleon's Pictures We Make

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Company Chameleon believes in Dance Theatre as a vital method for social change. Their work allows the viewer to experience the art of dance whilst tackling challenging issues in inventive ways that allows the viewer access and inclusion. They present the World Premiere of Pictures We Make at the Lowry on 14 February. We caught up with Artistic Director, Kevin Edward Turner to find out more.

How did the concept for the double bill come about?

The concept for the double bill came from a couple of sources. The first source was the desire to create a work about male and female relationships, the next came from the aspiration for the company to expand and develop and have the capacity to invite in world class artists to Manchester. It was also important for the company to commission and support  talented emerging choreographers .

How do you manage to keep in touch with performers you have worked with, or does the job mean you have to let them go?
The people we have a tendency to work with are artists and collaborators who have a wealth of experience in their chosen fields as well as being friends and colleagues. We are lucky to have good relationships with the people that we work with and try to plan way in advance so that all our schedules do not clash.

Do you think facebook/twitter help or hinder our relationships with people we meet?
I think that any medium that facilitates conversation and exchange must be a good thing. Time will tell.

How much rehearsal do you do for a piece like this and is it punishing or fun?      
We have spent 5 weeks on each creation and a further 2 weeks before the premier just in rehearsing and polishing. We also had 3-4 weeks research before we started to make the work. Research is often a part of the process that people bypass. I guess it is because we live in a product focused culture.

How is the relationship with the Lowry working out?
Fantastic, they support us 100%

What do you gain from it?
Creation space, Exposure, advocacy, funding, mentorship and feedback. Lots of great things that help the company develop.

What was the last great dance piece you saw on stage and why?
Ohad Naharin - cannot remember the name of the work it was the last tour Batsheva did in the UK. It was interesting because there were protesters in the audience. They were protesting about Israels' illegal occupation of their land. it made the evening interesting.

If someone is new to dance, what can they take from this show?
I hope that they will walk away feeling amazed after having felt and though so much from watching the work. I then hope they will be inspired to think about there own lives and assess the significant relationships they have in their life.

How can people follow what you do?
They can follow us online on our website, facebook, vimeo and twitter platforms.

What's next?
So many projects it is hard to list. We will tour this work and then go to Cape Town with the British Council to make a work on 12 male dancers on a company out there. Looking forward to touring the work and then being invited into situations were I can share and grow.

Kevin Edward Turner was speaking to Glenn Meads.

Company Chameleon's Pictures We Make is at the Lowry on 14 February.


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