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Five Reasons To See....Psycho Beach Party

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Jay Hobday is a fringe theatre actress whose worked in local theatre as well as enjoying success in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival. Now she has joined the folks at Vertigo Theatre Productions as they get ready to stage the two UK premiere productions of the Off Broadway Charles Busch plays; Psycho Beach Party and Die, Mommie, Die!

Jay plays Berdine the ultra nerd with a few issues in Psycho Beach Party and here she gives you five reasons why you should go along to Taurus in Manchester later this this month.

1. Why would you miss it?
Vertigo Theatre Productions have been rolling out the hits for years now and Psycho Beach Party promises to be no exception! Their glowing track record, coupled with Charles Busch's zaniest hit never before seen on a UK stage and you're in for a treat! It is a great honour to be part of the first ever UK cast.

2. Crazy Characters.
You will literally, never, EVER in your life see characters like those in Psycho Beach Party. You should come and see the show just to see the crazy stuff we get to do. These guys are laugh-till-you-pee-your-pants funny and like nothing you've ever seen before (and with split personalities, closet homoerotic movie-making schemes, non-consensual shaving and extremely pretentious psycho-babble, where else WOULD you see them?!) Why don't you book a ticket and meet them?

3. Let's Dance.
We dance A LOT. In bikinis and tight swim shorts. We move to very energetic, bouncy Sixties tunes. Enough said!

4. Escape from the doom and gloom of the news.
Have you seen the news recently? It's rubbish. It makes a person feel down watching it, as it’s all doom and gloom. This show has arrived to shake off, at least for one night, the gloomy real world and beat it to death with surfboards, flower garlands and... er... jockstraps. If you prefer hyperactive (and to be honest, bonkers) comedy to protests and corrupt bankers, this is the show for you! It is simply pleasure, an indulgent injection of sheer fun and comedy, designed for one thing- to make you smile.....yes, the ultimate guilty pleasure.

5. Hot Tickets!
Another reason to grab a ticket, while you can, would be jealousy of course. Psycho Beach Party tickets are some of the hottest on the fringe scene. We had to add another matinee due to high demand and there is only a handful (and I mean a handful!) of tickets remaining for the entire run. Don't be one of the envious people! Grab your glammest swimsuit, your sparkliest sunglasses and make sure you pack the flip-flops you can dance in because Psycho Beach Party definitely lives up to it's name and you'd be mad to miss it!

Psycho Beach Party and Die Mommie Die are both at Taurus in Manchester from 16 - 26 March. For more details, visit the website here.


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