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Five Reasons To See....Dream On

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Dream On is the new play from BadCheck Productions. Set in July 1986 in Wales, Trecco Bay and ‘Norman’s Cozy Campsite’ is ready for another glorious summer of Valley boys and tarts. Shy teenager Paul would rather be anywhere else, than on holiday there with his overpowering mother Denise. We asked writer and director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan why you should Dream On in May.
1 . World Premiere                                                                                
Dream On is a fresh and exciting new piece of theatre, written and directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan whose previous work includes directing the film Broken Wings, which is currently in consideration for LGBT film festivals worldwide (www.lemfilms.co.uk).  

2. Escape to the 1980s!
The play is set on a campsite in Wales during the summer of 1986. Come along and join us at ‘Norman’s Cosy Campsite’ where you’ll find: valley boys, tarts, 80’s tunes, chord trousers, tent hopping and lots and lots of sheep. What’s not to love!

3. A play of our times
Dream On incorporates ideas and themes still very much present in today’s society.  Dreaming and escaping our roots is a key theme. It deals with young gay adolescent characters, single parenthood, dysfunctional families, romance, laughter and heartache. The script carefully balances a light hearted approach whilst still remaining thought provoking.

4.  Prepare to take the theatrical ride of your life!
You will go on a journey with protagonist Paul as he is dragged to Wales with his overpowering mother Denise. Little does he realise, but he is about to discover a world of alcohol, sexual awakenings and exhilarating runaways - you will be joining him every step of the way.

5. Intimate theatre experience in heart of Manchester
With a limited number of seats available each night, book early to avoid disappointment. Every seat guarantees a fantastic view of the action on stage and you can enjoy a drink at the bar. AXM Theatre is in the heart of the Manchester Gay Village. Not only can you enjoy a unique theatre experience, but afterwards you can continue your night in Manchester City. Enjoy an evening later exploring the Gay Village or have a meal out in town. Whatever, you decide , this show will guarantee an enjoyable kick start to a perfect evening.

Dream On is at AXM Manchester, 100 Bloom Street from  19 – 21 May.

For more information visit www.lemfilms.co.uk or www.badcheckproductions.com


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