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Five Reasons To See...Beautiful House

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James Foster plays Otis in the Library Theatre’s production of Cathy Crabb’s Beautiful House, alongside John Henshaw, Janice Connolly, and Sally Carman with Noreen Kershaw on directorial duties. Here, James gives us his five reasons why you should get along to the Library Theatre to see the play.

1. The Script: This is a very funny script which can be extremely sad but also exceptionally funny on the turn of a penny, like life, when something so cruel can happen. But the way someone reacts in the situation can be sometimes loaded with unintentional comedy elements.

2. The Story: The play is set in a council tower block across a period of about 18 months. It’s difficult to explain whilst not giving it away but basically, a fairly affluent couple move in to the flat above me and Paula (Sally Carman), my life partner, and we go up to investigate. We find the reasons why Ronnie and Bridgette have moved in, and they are tragic. But mixed in with this is the suggestion of a promise that probably cannot be kept - you’ll have to see!

3. Morality: It’s about things not being life but people, relationships, and ultimately, love being the driving force of our existence and how easy it is to forget this. But once you remember, you’re enriched on the spot.

4. The Era: Modern day. Salford.

5. And Finally: I defy anyone to come and watch this and not be moved to both extremes of emotion. This is the penultimate production in this lovely theatre. See it while you can!

Beautiful House runs between Thursday 23 April - Saturday 8 May. For more information ring the Library on 0161 236 7110 or visit their website.

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