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Five Reasons To See ... Subject to Change at 3MT

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Zoe Iqbal and Stephen Bailey present their Edinburgh preview Subject to Change at the Three Minute Theatre later this month. With special guests and mentions of the likes of Gail Porter, we asked Zoe for her five reasons why you should go along.

1. Weird, Wonderful & Fun
Mancunian. Zoe and Stephen are two stand up comedians from Manchester, where the sun always shines! We discuss everything from Loose Women to The Human Centipede to more mundane activities like drive-by homophobia and Ikea! Some of our material is random but still relatable but only if you are gay/straight/trans/black/white/asian/other/male/female/of any religion-we try our best not to be elitist but you really can’t please everyone. The show is a little naughty but nice. Suitable for 18 +

2. Laughter in Hard Times
We could all do with a laugh during this really long recession. Laughter is great for you and that’s a fact. With me and Stephen every weekend is like Jubilee weekend!  Even though the gig is on a Thursday, it's the perfect time to ease you into weekend and forget that even though it's June we have had the most of summer in April! Its a comedy show, and we take the mickey, mostly out of themselves, but really we just want you to enjoy the show.

3. We will guarantee that you will learn something new.
We can’t guarantee that it will be something appropriate! Stephen would love to share how he got the lead in Annie even though he is a bloke – of sorts. Zoe has found something online, that will make you really popular with all your friends! (but may get you fired if you search for it in work time!)

4. Cheap at half the price
It's a recession busting £3! The drinks are cheap too! If you ask very nicely - Gina (the proprietor of the Three Minute Theatre) will make you a jubilee cocktail for only 2.50! Hot beverages and snacks of the corner shop variety are also available.

5. The Unique Venue.
The Three Minute Theatre (3MT) is in the heart of Manchester at Afflecks Palace, Oldham Street. The venue is acattered with art work, instruments, and has tiered seating in a fabulously, organised, yet chaotic way. We are opening the doors at 7pm to give people an hour to take in its quirky but homely atmosphere. An upcoming hotspot for bands, comedy, theatre and creativity. Very welcoming to performers and audience members, alike.

Subject to Change is at The Three Minute Theatre on 21 June at 8.00pm & tickets are available on the door.


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