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Five Reasons To See ... Lord of the Dance

Manchester born James Keegan is about to make a return visit to his home town, as the Lord Of The Dance in Michael Flatley's hit show of the same name. After being personally invited to star in the show by Flatley himself, in 2003, James has remained with the show ever since. Here he gives us five reasons why you should succumb to the power of the dance.

1. The Experience
 Lord of the Dance is no ordinary show for a number of reasons. I've listened to feed back from audiences across the world over the past several years and what seems to be the main 'wow factor' is the co ordination of the dancing throughout the show especially when most of the cast perform a dance in one single line doing exactly the same footwork and leg movements. It's nothing the audience has seen before and the experience is spectacular.

2. The Storyline
The show is the classic tale of good versus evil delivered to the audience by some of the greatest Irish dancers in the world. Throughout the show the audience sits through solo performances from each lead dancer as well as some spectacular choreography from the rest of the cast. Towards the end of the show the 'Lord' and 'Don Dorcha' give a display of exciting rhythm and beats as they duel it out to be crowned the true 'Lord of the Dance.'

3. The Movement
From the moment the lights go down to the last encore the audience is treated to precision dancing and great choreography. The cast is 40 dancers strong and we have been trained to the highest standard of Irish dance. The dancing is so energetic and uplifting, members of the audience often feel it is them who have been performing up on stage!

4. The Music, Lighting and Pyrotechnics
As well as spectacular dancing, the show has some very talented musicians and an amazing singer.They perform many lively pieces in the show as well as some more soft and relaxing numbers. The lighting helps create the mood throughout the show whether it be dark and mysterious or bright, colorful and happy. Watch out for the use of extravagant pyrotechnics which add a dramatic effect to the story line and the show in general.

5. The History
Over the last 13 years the show has rarely been out of the best sellers list and has established itself as one of the greatest dance shows in the world! The show has performed in over 50 countries such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, Russia, United States, South Africa, Canada and all throughout Europe. The list of countries that have experienced the show goes on and on! I am lucky enough to be performing in my hometown of Manchester on our upcoming UK tour and can't wait for my family and friends to experience the show.

Lord Of The Dance is at the Manchester Opera House from 2 - January, 2012.

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