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Does Smash Need to Change?

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When Smash was first shown on TV, excitement was in the air - as musical theatre fans were hoping the show would an adult Glee.

With Anjelica Huston, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing and Jack Davenport on board - the omens were good. But many criticised the show, particularly on social networks. Since the 1st series has aired, many characters have faced the axe in an attempt to make the show more streamlined.

But am I only one who found very little wrong with it? The central plot about celebrity casting versus Broadway stars was incredibly relevant. Also, the Marilyn musical that was being staged before your very eyes looked like the kind of show that could actually work.

Sure, Messing seemed to be playing Grace and was even partnered up with a Will (Christian Borle). Bring in ingenue Karen (Katherine McPhee), though - who was an actual finalist on American Idol and suddenly this tale of rivalry really livens up, as it feels authentic. Add some cracking lines and so far, so good - "Gay men piss me off," Derek tells Eileen.

There are soap opera elements that do not work - Messings affair and scenes involving her messed up family, and Huston's break up but overall, this new show ticks all the boxes. So, even though there is talk of major changes - I hope the central premise remains. Smash has proven to be more than Glee on Broadway. It has the ace card of Megan Hilty, some brilliant songs and delightfully over the top performances (step up, Jack Davenport) and lashings of All About Eve. And I love it!

Smash returns in the Summer to Sky Atlantic.


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