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Can't Stop the Glee

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Did anyone catch the new US Smash Hit TV Glee yesterday? With our news seemingly obsessed with the snow, including who has taken a day off, who has fallen over, how bad it's gonna get, what it's done for the economy and grit.. glorious grit - Glee certainly does provide the ultimate in escapism.

You can see it's influence on other media texts already. If you wondered why Cheryl Cole made Joe McElderys sing "Don't Stop Believing" on X Factor or you have noticed that people singing more harmonies on these talent shows than ever before, look no further.

The show is part knowing spoof and part straight comedy/drama about a group of students who fall below the radar, except for the bullies of the school. With help from their tutor, they get involved with singing and dancing and attempt to forget about about their demons.

Although it sounds corny as Kansas, due to a sparkling script, canny comedy and wonderfully perky performances, you end up completely surrendering to Glee. And for Spring Awakening fans, vocal perfection comes in the form of Lea Michele who played Wendia in the Broadway version of this underrated musical. As soon as she gallops onto the screen, you immediately start smiling, in awe of her vocal prowess.

Cute, funny, sweet - without lots of sugar, Glee is certainly set to brighten up this current cold snap.


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