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Aurelien on Blue Man Group Arena Tour

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The only French born Blue Man in the Blue Man company, Aurelien Bernard banged his mama’s pots and pans as a child growing up in Nice before gigging the Monte Carlo circuit with his band as a post teen. A girl enticed him to Los Angeles and then Las Vegas where he laid down some groovy jazz beats nightly in the Bellagio Hotel lounge.

The rest is history, as Aurelien is about to bang his drums in Manchester as part of the Blue Man Arena Tour. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about the Blue Man concept.

Can you explain what Blue Man Group is for the uninitiated?
Blue Man Group is a multi-sensorial multi media show. The show can be described as “modern day Vaudeville”. You know Vaudeville was killed off by movies, and that’s a shame, because while movie are great too, the idea of having these shows that incorporated all kind of different acts in a unpretentious setting really appeals to us. It was entertainment for the masses, but it was also very artful and rebellious.

How does the Arena tour differ to the version seen in the West End?
The concept is the same and there is element from the Theatrical show that we played in the West End that came in this Show. But the 3 Blue men are in a different setting. This show emphasis more on Music. (It’s the music of our second album “the Complex”). The story is a bit different too. We are taking the audience through a satirical workshop on how to create a perfect rock concert experience. In the process we celebrate, skew, and otherwise deconstruct rock stardom in all is narcissistic glory

Why do you think the concept remains popular all over the world?
I think we recognise our self in the Blue Man Character. He is the curious and creative child but also a shaman that want to help us reconnect with each other. He communicates on an emotional level and also with Music and Art and I think Music and Art crosses cultural barriers.

Why do you think shows like this continue to pack people in, during a recession?
It’s a fun show it’s very humoristic and I think especially in harder times people need to get together and have a good time.

If you were to sum up why audiences should see Blue Man Group Arena Tour, what would you say?
It’s original and fun and it’s for everyone.

Aurelien Bernard was talking to Glenn Meads

Blue Man Group Arena tour stops at the Manchester Evening News Arena on Sunday, 24th May.


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