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Joe McGann and Shobna Gulati chat about John Godber's April in Paris

John Godber's comedy has been revived and is going on tour. We find out more from the two stars.

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Shobna Gulati & Joe McGann

What's been your favourite stage role/play to date?

Joe: One Fine Day Eddie Edwards, a one-man play which transferred from Liverpool Playhouse to the Albery in the West End.

Shobna: Oh, now you're asking! Bet in April in Paris''.

Joe. How was it performing in Hope Place to celebrate the reopening of the Everyman?

Just delightful. The play was beautifully received and the new Everyman is spectacular - a wonderful time.

Shobna. You have done so much diverse work but do you miss Coronation Street and at the same time is it challenging to be out of it?

I don't miss it because Im having such a lovely time exploring new challenges. It was a great job, of course, but I'm moving on.

What attracted you both to April in Paris?

Joe: The chance to work with Shobna and director John Godber in my first Godber play!

Shobna: A chance to work with Joe and John in my first Godber play!

Why do you think Godber's work is so popular and enduring?

Joe: It's funny, touching, timeless, true and relevant.

Shobna: It's observant, sharp, great dialogue, truthful and touching.

For anyone who doesn't know, what's the plot?

Joe: A northern couple, married 28 years, him redundant for 9 months, her working in a shoe shop.Struggling to make ends meet. She wins a trip to Paris, which changes their view of the world and each other...

Tell us a bit about your characters?

Joe: Al is a plasterer, redundant and diminished by it. Frustrated by dreams of art and a world bigger than his own.

Shobna: Bet is brassy, bold, gives as good as she gets... and a romantic dreamer

Have you been to Paris?

Joe: I love Paris. I have great friends there. I love the music scene and the flea markets.

Shobna: I used to live there and now do again every day until October 18 in my brain!

Why do you think people should people come see the play?

Joe: Because Shobna Gulati's in it and it's a cracking good night at the theatre - especially for anyone who has ever been in a relationship...

Shobna: Because Joe McGann is is it and it's a funny, touching time and space travelling night at the theatre that will transport you to Paris and back.

April in Paris tours the UK from 27 June. The productions opens at Derby Theatre and visits Brighton, Woking, Aylesbury, Malvern, Bromley, Glasgow, Crewe, Manchester, Richmond, Chesterfield, New Brighton, Dundee and Coventry