The Dog (Frinton)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 20 Aug 2014

If the new play which opened the 75th anniversary season at Frinton's Summer Theatre was a bit of a damp squib, the final production is much more of a fire cracker.

The Curing Room (Ediburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 20 Aug 2014

David Ian Lee's new play is a chilling and disturbing version of a true story from World War II

Hayani (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 19 Aug 2014

We continue our coverage of Assembly's South African productions with this two-hander about home and family

Normal/Madness (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 19 Aug 2014

Fiona Geddes presents a heartbreaking account of life living with mental health

Hairspray (Stevenage)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 19 Aug 2014

You don't need mega-bucks to mount even a large-scale musical. You just need talent.

God's Own Country (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 19 Aug 2014

Ross Raisin's award winning novel receives its stage debut in this adaptation by Fine Mess Theatre Company

One Man Breaking Bad (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 19 Aug 2014

Miles Allen reenacts all five seasons of the smash hit show in 60 minutes

6: A New Musical (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 19 Aug 2014

This new musical by New York composer Zack Zadek receives its European premiere at the Fringe courtesy of Twenty Something Productions

Jack Dee's Helpdesk (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Ben Hewis · 18 Aug 2014

The straight faced comedian is joined by a different panel of comedians each night to try and solve fringe-goers' problems

Blind Hamlet (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Catherine Love · 18 Aug 2014

An intriguing premise fizzles out in Nassim Soleimanpour's new play