The Outings Blog Has Moved
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Welcome to the new home of the Outings blog. This is where we keep a record of all of the Outings our Theatre Club goes on, as well as sharing information from the Q&A sessions or mee
Another Dummy Run for the Dummy Tree
Conor Mitchell is one our most promising musical theatre writers, but he shows too many signs of remaining just that. A new production of his short, sub-Sondheim threnody for lost childhood, The
Vernon's God, Little Change
The dedicatee of Simon Callow’s new book, My Life in Pieces — is this the best ever title for a collection of journalism and occasional articles ? — is Vernon Dobtcheff. Who he? A
Glyndebourne on the Strand
Having missed Michael Grandage’s acclaimed production of Billy Budd at Glyndebourne, I took the opportunity of seeing what all the fuss was about at a screening in the magnificent courtyard of
Edinburgh Moments
By Lynn Ruth Miller
As I gallop from one venue to another, I meet hundreds of people, some new this year,many I have met  before..and we all fall in love.  The intensity of the fringe experience and the freneti
Funny is Funny
By Lynn Ruth Miller
It was funny in the sixties and it is even funnier now.  It is Miss Sophie's birthday and her butler (Chris Cresswell) is trying to make it a party for her.  Sadly, all her friends are dead
What gives a show its edge
By Lynn Ruth Miller
I have been trying to attend shows at the Fringe in between performing my own and have noticed a vast difference in quality and professional polish.  I happen to love the immediacy of shows that
Michael Coveney: Critical Forum & Farewell
Lyn Gardner of the Guardian hasn't eaten much, what with all her rushing around -- she slowed down with just five shows yesterday -- until she turned up for a workshop production at the ...
Michael Coveney: Crazy Over New Baroque & Roll
I've seen a few rousing receptions in the Queen's Hall down the years, but nothing has surpassed the acclaim that greeted Magdalena Kozena, the amazing Czech mezzo soprano married to Simon Rattle, ...
Michael Coveney: Dog of a Mexican Show
The mystery of the mystery man on the front row is solved even before this morning's concert -- can't wait; it's the divine  soprano Magdalena Kozena -- at the Queens's Hall. Of course, he turned