This Is MY Gnome
By Jo Stephenson
I have finally got round to seeing a show and couldn't have got off to a better start with Bob and Jim's Modern Urges at the Underbelly on Cowgate. One of the highlights of the show is a song about a ...
Becoming an Actor: The Importance of Music
By James Warwick
Berthold Auerbach, a German born writer and poet, on the subject of music once said: “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Now, I knew neither Auerbach nor this quot
Boss Blog: She-wee, He-wee, We all wee for She-wee
By Terri Paddock
An office conversation about camping and toilet facilities in the wake of last month’s Latitude festival has come back to haunt me. When our office manager Laura ripped open an intriguingly bulk
Festival Starts on Platform
The first bad news came at King's Cross, when I tried to buy a copy of The Scotsman. None to be had. Why? "We only have it on Saturdays," I'm told, so I can't be sure I'm heading in the right ...
McKellen Marches on Chichester
There is something marvellous about Ian McKellen leading a large company in a small theatre -- the Minerva in Chichester -- before taking the show on the road and resuming the hobbit trail in New ...
Getting Back in the Loop
By Edinburgh
There exists in the life of any journalist a constant background noise. It's the sound of 'the loop', buzzing away, barely audible, a tinnitus-like distraction in your ear that just refuses to go ...
WOS Theatregoers Learn About Beauty at Q&A
By Outing
Last night a small group of theatregoers made their way to the Young Vic for our Group Outing to The Beauty Queen of Leenane. This dark comedy returns following a successful run last ...
All at Sea with Dames
There was only a handful of us in the Union Theatre on Saturday for the matinee performance of Dames at Sea, but nobody cared. It's a joyous production, and great fun. Even one of the notori
Who's Rocking In Edinburgh?
The interval chatter is all about going, or not going, to Edinburgh next week. For some reason, virtually the entire staff of The Stage newspaper were at the opening last night of Betwixt! in ...
Becoming an Actor: Not Everyone Can Play Hamlet
By James Warwick
"The math dictates that not everyone can play Hamlet," were the words of preparation and, perhaps, warning that spilled out the Head of the Drama school just last week as he readied us for imminent ...