Jo Caird: Theatre and Dining - More Than Just a Matter of Taste
By Jo Caird
For the majority of theatre experiences, audience members are expected to sit quietly in a seat in an auditorium and watch and listen intently to action taking place on a stage in front of them. Wit
Brighton Breezy Festival Fun
Next week's National Theatre production of Goldoni's A Servant of Two Masters is renamed One Man, Two Guv'nors and relocated to Brighton, a place whose very name conveys a spirit of dodgy ...
All's Well with Albee
Shakespeare's "problem" play All's Well That Ends Well rarely poses a problem for its audience, and I count the four or five productions of it that I have seen, including the current one by John Dove ...
Jo Caird: Refusing to Pander to Prurience
By Jo Caird
Earlier this week I attended the press night of Every Coin, the opening work in Synergy Theatre Project’s festival of new plays written in prison and afterwards, which is running at the
Boss Blog: Are You Part of's Future?
By Terri Paddock is coming up fast on a major milestone: at the end of this year, we turn 15. (Can you believe it?!) Our looming birthday coincides with a change in role for myself. Having been with ...
Ronnie Sharpens the Knife
I see from Richard Kay's diary in the Daily Mail that I'm soon to receive my come-uppance from pompous playwright Ronald Harwood, who has done me the great honour of reserving "a special place" for ...
Theatregoers Meet Wicked Stars at WOS Outing
By Outing
Last night (10 May 2011), 230 theatregoers joined us at the Apollo Victoria Theatre for the Outing to the smash-hit musical  Wicked! The show, which opened in London in 20
Running Round Stratford
"I don't know which is worse, doing this or watching Macbeth," said one of the runners in yesterday's half-marathon race in Stratford-upon-Avon. We were just easing into the long slow climb on ...
Jo Caird: Nearly Showtime!
By Jo Caird
So, the Showtime Challenge adventures continue. Woke up this morning with aching feet and dragged myself to the West End for technical rehearsals of The Boy Friend. My exhaustion wasn’t
Jo Caird: Oh Lord, They’re Making Me Dance
By Jo Caird
Disclaimer: I am writing this at midnight after a day of rehearsal that finished at 11pm. Please forgive any errors of grammar or punctuation – I am very tired.Tomorrow night at 7.30pm I will