Jo Caird: Tuition Fee Increases - a Death Knell for Diversity
By Jo Caird
The Office for Fair Access last week released details of the higher education institutions that will be charging the new maximum fees of £9,000 per year from the 2012/2013 academic year. On the
WOS Theatregoers say “Yes” to Prime Minister
By Outing
The latest Outing saw us heading to the Apollo Theatre, braving the London rain and skipping across the puddles down Shaftesbury Avenue. With 2011 Theatregoers̵
Operatic Areas Invaded
Opera Holland Park rarely disappoints, and the chance to catch the last of just seven performances of Puccini's La rondine deep in the leafy hinterland last night proved both irresistible 
Becoming an Actor: Biting Your Own Teeth
By James Warwick
Given that this is my first post I should probably try to tell you a little about myself. Talking about yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth, or so I’ve been told. Though lately I̵
Jo Caird: Are Theatres Bad at Telling Us Why Theatre Matters?
By Jo Caird
I recently attended a fascinating and lively debate hosted by Intelligence Squared, an international forum for live debate. The motion being debated was ‘Museums are bad at telling us why art ma
Theatregoers Get Real Time Answers at R&G Q&A
By Outing
We couldn’t resist a Outing to see Trevor Nunn finally realising a forty year old dream by directing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard’s break-out
News of the World Shock Horror
I was catching up with a four-hour matinee of Ibsen's Emperor and Galilean at the National Theatre while the rest of the world absorbed the shock news of the sudden closure of the News of th
Jo Caird: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
By Jo Caird
Lullaby, which I saw this week at the Barbican, invites theatregoers to pack their toothbrush and pyjamas and spend the night in the Pit. The show you watch from your bed, which features ...
Hosannas to Anna Massey & Ayrton Senna
Anna Massey was a glorious actress with a voice like a dry martini you could suck through a straw. It's amazing how certain descriptive words stick to certain actors. "Acidulous" was hers in the same ...
WOS Theatregoers Don't Go Begging at Meet & Greet
By Outing
Last night (4 July), with its clear blue skies and balmy temperatures, couldn’t have been better for our Outing to The Beggar’s Opera at Regent’s Park Open Air. With