Work environments may drive some to distraction, but my job as a reviewer was made a real pleasure by Feri Tezcan’s new comedy play, The Hub. Set in a continuity announcer’s recording studio, five co-workers tease, cajole and support each other out of spite, boredom, and occasionally, good-humour. The main character Faith (Tezcan) has just retuned from LA, coming face to face with friends, irritating colleagues and a messy break-up; if it sounds like a sitcom, that’s because it would make an excellent one.

The laughs come thick and fast, both from the general camaraderie and the pithy one-liners of the voiceover announcements.  The ensemble, which also features Matt Green and Petra Massey as the workmates from hell, is wonderful, and the stressful working environment they portray translates into infectious joy among the audience. The vast number of people smiling as they left the auditorium left me in no doubt that The Hub is a delightful miniature gem at this year’s festival.

- Miranda Fay Thomas