Good afternoon day-trippers and full run-tastic artists alike. What a beautiful day it is. I have had the busiest week watching a LOT of shows, going to a LOT of neat places and generally cracking on getting people into my show. So my top tips for this week are: Luke Wright at Underbelly. I have been a fan for a while but this show blew me away. Such a lovely undertone of poetry craft guidance to accompany some mind glowingly good ballads and sad tales. Five stars from Scotsman much deserved. Scottee and his pals hit Assembly this week with Eat Your Heart Out, their Londoncentric and hugely popular Time Out critics choice anti-cabaret. Myra Dubois and Spencer Wood are particularly strong in this incarnation, but all of them dazzle, if you like something more than a lip synch ukelele mash up battle and want to laugh at how angry Scottee sometimes gets then GO. Neil Hamburger, amazing LA based comedian is so awesome I think I might vomit as I laugh and gasp through his late night set at Assembly. He is coming to Soho Theatre early september so if you are reading this from the city then fear not, he is one to catch, no-one else does quite so many Steven Tyler jokes in one set. Non Zero One are a lovely young company of millions based at Forest Fringe this week and next. Their show is about water polo, which sounds boring but isn't. You get to wear a helmet and throw a ball around, it is fun and brings you together as a group like no other work can. This week I am seeing Pajama Men, Alma Mater, Thirsty, Daniel Kitson and just about everything on at Summerhall… BAC's new venue that has the loveliest bar ever! I have a list as long as my arm to recommend… but I think Watch Me Fall by Action Hero is great, as well as the Curious show "the Moment…" Its British Council week, and its going to be tiring but well worth a trip up the meadows for! Food and Drink wise… The Forest now sells Prosecco so its my new after hours hang out. The Jazz Bar on Chambers street is open late and has some great acts and room to dance (and actually I wanted to, to jazz!) Betamax rocked at studio 24 as did Amanda Palmer playing the Forest Cafe benefit concert. I haven't eaten a thing, I live on cigarettes like all good cabaret performers should, and if I feel a little faint I have a shreddie. Only joking! I consume like a beast… try Tangs on Candlemaker Row, good Japanese food, good hand rolls. Also the Mosque Kitchen is ACE and quick as you like. This week I am doing an audio piece for Forest Fringe as well as my own regular show. It is called Mega! and you get to dress up as me at 9 years old in a pink shell suit and wander about with a walkman. If you want to find out more click here: and book up, its FREE. Big Love Bry x