People I speak to when flyering for our various shows are often surprised that one company can be performing in four productions for the entire duration of the festival. It is pretty hard work, of course, and hitting the halfway point now, it seems as though we've been here for months! While it's very much a relief in some ways, having only half a run to go is hugely encouraging too. It really drives it home that we've only got a couple more weeks to impress audiences and critics.

The response has been excellent so far though, with two four star reviews - one for Blood Brothers and the other for Fear and Misery in the Third Reich.

Our four shows will, in fact, be whittled down to three tomorrow, as our fantastic dance troupe head home tomorrow. 1,2,3,2,2,3,3,2,3, Triplets! will not be showing on the Fringe after our day off on the 16th, and I hope they return home fully aware of the excellent job they've been doing.

There's so much to do on a day off in Edinburgh! Because there's nothing to get up for tomorrow morning, we've been considering hitting the clubs in town and perhaps taking a ghost tour of the vaults. Then of course, tomorrow, there's potentially a full day of shows to be seen as well as really interesting shops, museums, libraries and opportunities for hill climbing outside the city.

I really hope we don't just end up sleeping all day!