Russell Fletcher becomes a reincarnation of the legendary Danny Kaye in the Spiegel Tent every afternoon at 2:00 pm.  His performance, with music directed and performed by Greg Riddell is so real ,one is transported back to the fifties and sixties when Danny Kaye was the synonym for superb entertainment.  Fletcher involves his audience in memories of films, albums, song and dance.  His energy is captivating and we feel the magic of the delightful song, dance, clown, movie star, cabaret and concert star we all loved. "Tubby theTuba" was my favorite childhood recording; Kaye's charming and bitingly clever "Anatole of Paris" has stayed with me lo these many many years and I was actually able to sing along as Fletcher brought it back to life for me.  The audience is encouraged to sing along with the familiar tunes Kaye made famous:  "Thumbelina" and "Wonderful Copenhagen" to name a few.

The Danny Kay show is a delicious afternoon bon bon; dont miss it .  It is sixty minutes of nostalgia and pure entertainment every day until August 29. or