Flyers - Check
Posters - Check
Insurance - Check
Accommodation - Check

Right, now what have I forgotten?

Probably quite a lot, I always do, but I have a little over a week to remember before I head off to visit our cheery neighbours north of the boarder. I am very excited, and resting up as most of my production team have come down with the flu. Jo (my right hand woman), is current laid up in bed with a particularly nasty case of the flu, so production meetings have ground to a halt. But on the upside my tech team have been working pretty hard to complete the first, and biggest of the Edinburgh puzzles. It's called the Smith Puzzle, and should be operational soon. It proves to be the first of a series of very fun games for you to play at home.

And I have even managed to get a wee bit of attention from lovely media types. I was featured in the Sheffield Star as well as appearing on BBC Radio Sheffield, both of whom were incredibly complimentary and lovely. Of course if you write your own blog and are reading this, I am always available for an interview!

Tickets are selling well also, which has made me very happy. So grab tickets when you can, and make me even more happy!

Finally, I want this blog to be a discussion, so please do leave comments, questions and requests in the comments box below. Any questions you might want to ask I will answer in future blog posts.

Until next time my friends,
Take it easy


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