Robin Cousins – most famous for his Olympic Gold Medal winning performances as an ice-skater and for being head judge on ITV's Dancing On Ice – is playing Teen Angel in the current tour of Grease which arrives at the New Theatre in Oxford in mid July.

He took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions...

Robin, thanks for finding time to talk with us. How is the tour going? Are you enjoying being back on the road?

Its also great being on the road again, the tour is going very well and the audience response has been great so far, plus bi-weekly touring allows you to fully unpack the suitcase! The cast have bonded well and its’ a nice mix of experience and enthusiastic youngsters on the road for the first time. I’ve also had the chance to fit in a few ice sessions with some of our National Squad skaters in Edinburgh and Sheffield (whilst in Bradford)

Performing is clearly in your blood, but was appearing on stage something that you ever thought you would do once your ice career came to an end?

I have always loved ‘live’ theatre and wanted to do musical theatre as a child and Gene Kelly was my inspiration, I did gymnastics at school and jazz, tap and ballet and when the skating came along it combined all the things I loved about dance. I kept dance as part of my off-ice skating training and I have sung all my life. I can’t have the radio on without singing along. I love that I have this opportunity to be a part of a world I am passionate about.

What sort of support have you had from your Dancing on Ice colleagues? Has Jason been along to give you some scores and comments?

Jason and I actually played the same character of ‘Munkustrap’ in different productions of Cats and his background is musical theatre so we have that in common. Emma knows a little about performing in front of a few people too and we discuss this a lot when we’re together at the studio.

We’re supportive of each other and try to keep in touch but we’re not always able to see each other in action as outside of DOI as our other lives take precedence!

Are there any other theatre roles you would like to play?

I would love to get my teeth into ‘The MC’ in Cabaret or Thénardier in Les Miz but I am open to suggestions

What is next for you? More Dancing on Ice? Any other exciting projects?

It has yet to be fully confirmed but I have been told DOI will be back on our screens in early 2012, I recently started a theatrical production company with my agent and we have projects already in the works for 2012/13 so it’s an exciting time plus I am looking for that next audition…..