1.      Where and when were you born?

13 March 1979 in Naples, Italy

2.      What made you want to become a dancer?

I started dance classes at the age of 5 and I haven’t stopped since.

3.      If you hadn't become a dancer, what would your career choice have been?

I love animals so rehabilitation or training.

4.      First big break?

I’ve had so many achievements. I guess Strictly Come Dancing changed my path and it arrived at just the right time.

5.      Career highlights to date?

There are too many to list. We always had goals to win the UK championships, and to represent the UK abroad. I think winning Strictly and putting together Midnight Tango have to be the best.

6.      Favourite choreographers?

Vincent and I. Laughs

7.      Who are you dance inspirations?

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and anyone else who I watch and think is amazing.

8.      What do you most enjoy about working with Vincent?

We’ve known each other since a very young age so it’s easy to work together. We love the same music and choreograph in the same style.

9.      What is the most unusual thing to happen to you since working on Strictly?

I can’t think!

10.  What are your opinions of the judges on Strictly?

They are great. The show would not be the same without them.

11.  What is your favourite dance to perform?

I love them all being, but I love Argentine Tango music especially.

12.  Who has been your favourite celebrity partner?

I’ve been very lucky getting on with all of them. Russell Grant was so much fun and I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm before. Obviously winning with Louis Smith was incredible and I was very lucky, his skills and talent were amazing.

13.  Who would be your dream celebrity partner(s)?

Fred Astaire.

14.  Tell us a little bit about Midnight Tango

It’s now in its third year, two years in the West End which is an incredible achievement. It’s unique and different, has a beautiful set and lighting, amazing musicians who are on stage as characters. There is a fun, light hearted and sometimes very meaningful story throughout so you don’t have to be a dance fanatic to enjoy it. It’s the thing Vincent and I are most proud of.

15.  What are you most looking forward to about taking Midnight Tango on the road again?

We love meeting people and are so thankful to them for coming back again and again to watch the show. It makes us very happy to know they enjoy it.

16.  Are you looking forward to spending a week in Birmingham?

We love Birmingham.

17.  What is your favourite film?

I think it’s called “Shire”. It’s about a pianist and also “The Tango Lesson” by Sally Potter.

18.  How do you unwind?

Massage, walking or watching a film.

19.  What are your plans after the Midnight Tango tour?

We are going to be putting on a new theatre show for 2014 which we are very excited about. We think people deserve to see something new and we will do our best to create something amazing for them to come and watch.

20.  If you could swap places with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

Sophia Loren – I love her and she is from Naples like me.

Midnight Tango plays at the New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham until Saturday 11 May.