Dan Shorten, co-founder of Precarious, visits the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth next week (Thursday 30 September at 7.30pm) with his new company Anomic Multimedia Theatre and its debut show, The Sum of It All…

Dynamically fusing body, voice, sound and video, this exciting new project sets out to tell exhilarating stories and explore issues that affect contemporary society in the most “aurally and visually stimulating” way possible. Audience members will be encouraged to tweet on Twitter during the show, sharing their reactions and thoughts as the show occurs!

50 inch televisions and projectors will create a giant wall of video as a backdrop for the live action. This unparalleled performance merges technology, physicality and imagination in a white knuckle, multimedia concoction, chockablock with ingenuity and originality.

The Sum of it all… is a heartfelt story following Stanley Ayers as he recalls his past and relives moments from his banal and unfulfilling career. This humdrum existence is transformed when he meets Nadia, a young woman who introduces him to life and love. Stanley quickly falls for Nadia and they enjoy sharing the flourish of a fledgling relationship. One day, Stanley has the opportunity to impress at work, but the choices that he makes lead to a sinister path of betrayal, deceit and possibly the most disturbing decision of his life.

Recently showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010, The Sum of it all… is one show one not to be missed.