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Prepare for the unexpected – King Lear Re-told. Under the Stars give a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. Mixing the language of today with the physicality and ritual of a world now deceased. King Lear re-told shows us the violent and tragic consequences of trying to quench an insatiable thirst for power, reputation and love. The Death of Black Beard – In 1718, across the wild high seas. Our story is of revenge and comeuppance, of tragedy and loss. Black Beard and his merciless crew; murderers, plunderers, criminals and beggars. The Royal Navy; colonialists, enforces, businessmen and rulers. Join us and learn how Black Beard met his end at the hands of The Royal Navy. Forest of Dreams A tiny seed. A good intention. When all the right causes and conditions come about, something magical can happen. Join us on a mind bending journey into the forest of dreams were the passengers of Flight 747 discover that the greatest journeys often happen within one’s own heart.

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Dates: One Night Only: 08 September 2019