About This Show

Several years into the future from 2023, gender has been outlawed. The only citizens who are allowed to deviate from the monogendered identity-neutrality are registered performers, like high-energy removals company Drag ‘n’ Drop, run by licensed drag artists Mike Drop and Dragona Budjet (it’s pronounced “bou-jzay”, dahling). Combining drag, music, comedy, spoken word and improv, ‘Drag ‘n’ Drop’ peeks behind the rhinestoned curtain of some of the universe’s biggest questions and mysteries. Is a world without gender better? Are the feminine and masculine tired old pieces of furniture that need throwing out? Or is their life in them yet? What is a drag queen removals operative doing talking about quantum physics? And what’s happened to Mike Drop? Featuring soon-to-be-hit songs* Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend (Anymore!), Quantum Leap of Faith, Your Dress Looks Better On Me and Glitch Bitch, as well as the Drag ‘n’ Drop theme tune, of course! From the genderfluid pen of Ri Baroche, this one-person musical theatre show will excite, provoke, delight, disgust and question everything, and make the audience very much a part of the furniture.

Show Details

Dates: First Preview: 09 March 2024 Final Performance: 09 March 2024