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Sartre tells in The Flies "the tragedy of liberty against that of fatality". The Flies are the symbol of the burden of fate. Fear is what drives people, today, to become, like in Argos, ghost like, fed by TV and sugary sodas. "THE FLIES meets Fight Club" is a raw performance with live music! a Greek myth, revealed as a bloody tale of liberty: Orestes comes back to his birth-place of Argos to find a whole population under the oppression of fear and guilt: They all bear the burden of his father Agamemnon's assassination by Clytemnestra, his mother, and her lover Aeghistaeus some fifteen years ago. The flies are constantly tormenting Argos. He discovers his sister has been turned into a servant and tries to lead a revolution. Orestes decides to kill Aeghisteus and Clytemnestra. "The painful secret of Kings and Gods is that men are free". The Flies are an image, a symbol of several ideas such as remorse, guilt, fear and fate? The people of Argos are part of a system into which they were born, which they had not chosen and which they accept passively and guiltily. Orestes will realize that he is Free. The contrast between free responsibility, symbolized by Orestes and guilty responsibility, symbolized by the Flies, is a central theme of the play.

Alternately in English and French

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